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Late eighties/Early Nineties, melodic guitar based indie band from King's Lynn, featuring Tim Warnes - Bass/Vocals, Andy Bunting - Guitar/Vocals, Paul Cator - Guitar/Vocals, the later of Ivy and Mark Coulson - Drums.

Shine! regularly played at the Wilde Club supporting the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Inspiral Carpets, McCarthy and the Darling Buds. Full interview with the band on the Cloudberry Record label Blog.


McHat 01

7" flexi 33rpm 1988 Baz McHat Records
Millions and Millions
The City Can Wait

Shine! (self released cassette only LP) 1988

You Can't Help Yourself
THe Art Of Lying Low
Empty Heads Ring Hollow
Out Of Touch
It's Nice To Be Loved
She Looks So Good
It Could Never Happen To Us
Stop Looking Back
Millions And Millions
The City Can Wait

Wilde 1

 - 12" Single VA - 1990 Wilde Club Records

Wilde Club Records

A. The Bardots
1.Sad Anne.
2. Summerhouse.
AA. Shine!
1. Bite The Apple.
2. It Could Never Happen To Us.

Numbrainedeadumbrain (self released casstte only LP, hand painted sleeve) 1990

20 Days Away
I Just Can't Celebrate Today
Give Me Soul
All Fall Down
Open Up Yourself
Dangerous Day
The One That Stops You

Wilde 10 CD

I Might Walk Home Alone CD Various Artists 1992

Track 1. Shine! - Bite The Apple

Shine! - Shine! Retrospective CD digipack on New York Label Cloudberry Records 2015

Retrospective album that includes all of the 21 original songs that Shine!

01. Bite the Apple 02. The City Can Wait 03. It Could Never Happen to Us 04. Millions & Millions 05. The Art of Lying Low 06. I Just Can't Celebrate 07. You Can't Help Yourself 08. Out of Touch 09. Empty Heads Ring Hollow 10. Give me Soul 11. Heaven 12. All Fall Down 13. Open Up Yourself 14. The One That Stops You 15. Ladybird 16. Jerk 17. No Way I'd Much Rather Be 18. 20 Days Away 19. Dangerous Day 20. She Looks So Good 21. It's Nice to be Loved