Colorform formed in approximately 1990 were headed up by American singer/guitarist Matt Nagy. The band started as an indypop band (with a young Nathan Curran on drums before he went on to London music school to become a session musician playing with the likes of Basement Jaxx and others...). But the band really found their place in its final incarnation, made almost entirely of moving hair, and kranking out a fast-paced funky set, that belied their vaguely crusty/hippy/west coast look, employing a nice line in funk, featuring didgeredoo as well for some time. They called their style of music Tribal Groove, writing songs centred around the notes the various lengths of didgeredoos were able to make.

Colorform live at the Junction Cambridge

Nigel the bands drummer was also involved in The 13th Floor and later The Gas Station a funk club, which also has links with Jyl Bailey from Throb and Brain Drain 69 . When they disbanded in 1995, Matt, Paul and Nigel joined with another Norwich music local Pete Lee and formed another band who went through various names before landing as The Watchmen. It was a huge departure, featuring catchy indie pop songs, rather than the tribal grooves of Colorform.Giles and Paul are now playing in The Black Sharks together


Matt Nagy - Vocals/Bass

Dom Wood - Guitar

Paul Smith - Guitar

Nigel Emblin - Drums

Giles Davis - Didge/Percussion

Barney ?? - Sax/Percussion

Early Colorform:

Chris Catchpole (Vox), Rob Thompson (Drums -- choked on own vomit), Nathan Curran (Drums -- lured into seedy world of London music)

If anyone wants some mp3,s of the colorform I have some that were recorded in the old railway station in norfolk during the 9o,s They still sound as great as they did Today (was it realy 19 years ago?

email me at

Other worthy mentions!

Paul - Percussion for a while (yet another untimely rock & roll disappearance...)

Mark - Percussion for a while (choked on someone else's vomit...)


Petty People Problem (Tape Only)

Liquid Sky (Tape Only)

I Told You When (Tape Only)

Live at the Arts Centre (Tape Only)

Shoot the Canary 2 (Various Artists, CD Only)

Chickenfish (Tape Only)

Raindrops (Tape Only)

Let it Come True (Album and Tape)